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Bus Stops

You can query the University SPARQL service to get a list of all the bus stops in Southampton with their locations. Once you know the IDs of bus stops you can use them with the bus stop times API.

Travel time to a secondary school

Travel times in minutes to a secondary school by public transport/walking and cycling

Travel time to a primary school

Travel times in minutes to a primary school by public transport/walking and cycling

Aerial photography of Hampshire

Hampshire Council have provided high quality aerial photography of the whole county. It is divided up into files of 1 square km each. They are 4000 x 4000 JPeg files.

Please don't directly link to the images hosted by the Council as the bandwidth costs are high. If you are in Southampton and would like a copy of all the data, please contract Christopher Gutteridge at the university of Southampton who can copy it for you to save everyone's bandwidth.

Bus Times API

The University of Southampton provides an API to get the buses due at a Southampton bus stop. It's in JSON which is quite easy to work with. You need to find out the ID of the bus stop to use this, and you can get that from the other University bus dataset.

Ordnance Survey Linked Data

OS provides linked data about the city.

List of Wards and Postcodes

This dataset has a CSV file which contains a list of every postcode in the UK and what Ward and City they are part of. Very useful for getting a list of all Southampton postcodes.

There are two annoyances. First of all the data is zipped, and secondly the CSV file is huge (141 Meg!)

Food Standards Agency Rating

This covers the whole of the UK, but there's a download for Southampton City. It includes the name, lat & long, postcode and rating of all businesses that handle food or drink. This includes all food shops, pubs and resturants so is useful to locate things. It's available as quite simple XML.

Example of the data shown on a map

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